Session C: Relationships between enterprises, urban economy and urban government (01/11/2012)

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Tác giả : MAUD. Arch Nguyen Du Minh - Vice Head of Center fo
Ngày xuất bản : 28/10/2012
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70% GDP is the quantity of urban sector contributes to Vi.t Nam. This figure will grow gradually with the speed of 12,6% in coming years. Then what is a force of the significant figure and how can possibly city governments intervene to develop economy?
The morning of 7th November, 2011 in the opening speech of the Viet Nam Urban Conference "Environmentally Friendly - Sustainable Development", the Minister of Construction Mr Trinh Dinh Dzung has affirmed the role of urban sector to develop economy when announced that 70% GDP of Viet Nam came from these areas. A number of recent reports of various research organizations, including the UN-Habitat prove for the optimistic vision of Viet Nam urban economy when forecasting the GDP growth of the urban sector will be approximately 12.6%. (Viet Nam's GDP growth in 2011 was only 5.89%, the forecast for 2012 is still a single number).
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