Session B: Reforming vietnam urban governance (01/11/2012)

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Tác giả : Dr. Pham Sy Liem - Institute for urban research an
Ngày xuất bản : 28/10/2012
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Key words: Urban governance, institutional reform, civil society, checks-and-balances assignment and decentralization.
Urbanization process in Vietnam has resulted in administrative, special, economic, population and welfare changes (1). These changes have given many challenges for urban governance and it is required to reform it to overcome challenges. Reforming
urban governance is a long term process and thus it is required to acquire certain knowledge about this process to identify the most urgent subject-matters about Vietnam urban governance and timely consider it for amending Vietnam’s Constitution as well as encounter it in this development decade. Note that Chinese people translate “governance” into “trị lý”, a new word. I recommend using this Chinese – Vietnamese word officially.
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