Session B: Role and responsibilities of the urban government in the providing of basic services for urban people in Vietnam (01/11/2012)

Nhà xuất bản:
Tác giả : Associate Prof. Dr.Vu Thi Vinh - Deputy general se
Ngày xuất bản : 28/10/2012
Tài liệu đính kèm:  2-4 Vu Thi Vinh  
Nội dung

The VI world urban forum taking place in Napoli – Italy from 2/9-5/9/2012 sent a message “Future of urban”. How is the future of urban? And how is the life of people in urban in the future? These questions relate to many problems, in which providing a basic service for urban people is a serious important demand and this responsibility belongs to urban government with participations of people. Following are basic services and responsibilities of urban government.
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