Session B: Suitable organisation of urban authorities based on diferentiation from rural authorities in Viet Nam (01/11/2012)

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Tác giả : Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc - General Director –Department
Ngày xuất bản : 28/10/2012
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Keywords: municipilities (city Government), municipal government, urban
In the past years, our country’s system of State agencies has constantly been consolidated, renovated in terms of organization and operation for its enhancement, management effectiveness, promoting the people’s mastership. Under the Party’s leadership, the State mechanism at both Central and local levels have times been reorganized towards building and perfecting the socialist law-governed State of people, for people and by people.
After over 25 years of renovation, along with socio-economic growth and international integration, the rapid urbanization has created differences in terms of economy, culture, security, national defense, social order and security between urban and rural areas. Therefore, the renovation of local authorities’ organization and operation requires defining differences between cities and rural areas, thereby determining organization models, regulations on functions, responsibilities, authorities and mechanism suitable to urban authorities to ensure management effectiveness at each level.
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